The Collector's Cup — Canada's 1st Cannabis Sommelier Cup, by CannaReps
Celebrate cannabis product appreciation skills and give recognition to those growing the top flower in Canada. Join us for an amazing night of geekdom!
Cannabis Sommelier, cannabis cup, Canada cannabis competition, Vancouver, Canada
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Sep 22, 2019 | 1pm

@UBC Robert H. Lee Alumni Centre

Presented by

This event is for 19+ only.

Please bring your ID to attend.

Join us for an amazing night of geekdom!

A different type of best bud competition featuring a panel of certified Cannabis Sommeliers and industry experts judging Canada’s finest cannabis—brought by you!

How It Works

  • Purchase a general admission ticket and be one of the first 60 people to register your entries at the event (doors open at 1 pm). Don’t stress if you don’t compete—there will be tons to do!
  • Collectors must bring their favourite legally-acquired flowers to enter into one of 4 categories: Indica, Sativa, Hybrid and CBD*
    *1:1 or higher CBD content in order to qualify, all CBD flowers must come with CBD content testing
  • 14 grams must be registered per type, 28-gram limit (2 types max)
  • Awards for the collectors who bring in the Top LP Flower and Top Homegrown Flower
  • Enjoy the multiple educational displays and presentations throughout the night as part of your general admission ticket

General Admission


  • Cannabis Sommelier Skills Development Area, including a wide range of isolated terpenes and flowers set up to practice your blind ID skills at your own pace
  • Landrace Educational Booths will teach you about the origins of today’s most sought after cannabis varieties
  • A chance to participate in the Collector’s Cup. Free to register for all Alumni, $20 fee for general public. Only 60 spots available for collectors. Registration opens at 1 pm, first come first serve
  • Show-and-Tell will be inviting Collector’s Cup participants to talk about their personal stash with a product expert on stage. Think ‘Antiques Road Show of cannabis’
  • Live music and guest DJ’s
  • The Collector’s Cup awards ceremony

Get Tickets

Participate on the

Judges Panel

Featuring the first Judges Panel comprised of CannaReps Cannabis Sommeliers and notable industry experts.

  • Judging begins at 3 pm and is available only to those holding a Judge’s Pass.
  • Judge flowers for a period of 3-4 hours and get educated on the market’s hottest strains.
  • Hang out with cannabis celebrity judges invited by CannaReps, including some of the biggest names in the biz.
  • This ticket is only available to those holding a Cannabis Sommelier Level 1 or 2 certification or to those with industry experience. If you wish to purchase this ticket and do not hold a certification please write to us at and tell us about your experience working with the plant.

Get Tickets

Ticket Pricing

General Admission

General Public
CannaReps Alumni

Judge’s Pass

Be part of the Judges Panel!

General Public
CannaReps Alumni

Compete in the Collector’s Cup

Pick up your General Admission and then be one of the first 60 attendees to register your top flowers between 1 pm to 3 pm to enter (cash only).

General Public
CannaReps Alumni

About the Collector’s Cup

The Collector’s Cup is a cannabis cup event for cannabis connoisseurs, and enthusiasts with aspirations of upping their game. This event will be the first to celebrate product appreciation skills together with the amazing growers and breeders that have made our industry possible. The bud cup portion of the event is a bit different than other events of this type because we showcase the connoisseur consumer getting a chance to share their skills and their favorite flowers amongst a community of certified Cannabis Sommeliers and notable industry experts.

Have fun while expanding your skills learning about the hottest varieties on the market!

Fun. Learning. Community. That’s the Collector’s Cup!

brought to you by CannaReps

Event Schedule


How do I enter the Collector’s Cup and what is it like to participate?

Bring 14 grams of each flower you wish to present to the Judges Panel along with your $20 cash fee (free for alumni!). Go to the registration table and let them know the categories you will be entering. Hold on to your bud. You will be called twice: Once for show-and-tell on the stage (tell us all about your bud and what you like about it!) and a second time to proceed to the Judge’s Hall where your bud will be reviewed with you present in the room. You will roll a joint or pack a bowl and proceed outside with a group of up to 4 judges in order to taste your sample(s). You must be present during the tasting. You will be sharing some of your sample with our judges during the tasting but the rest of your sample is yours to keep. The Collector’s Cup does not take possession of your flowers at any time, so ensure to keep your ears open for your number otherwise your flower will not be included in the judging.

What types of products do you accept?

Only legally-acquired flowers, regardless of how they were grown. Next year there will be concentrate and sun-grown categories.

Who are the judges?

Mostly CannaReps alumni, but also industry specialists who have either purchased a ticket or who have been invited directly by CannaReps. If you wish to purchase this ticket and do not hold a certification please write us at and tell us about your experience with the plant.

Can I bring the flower I grow legally at home?

Yes. All participants will be signing off on the fact that they have obtained their flower from legal sources, whether that is directly from a licensed producer (LP) or grown at home.

I am a CannaReps Alumni, how do I get Alumni rates?

Simply check your email for your alumni promo code. If you haven’t received your code, contact us. Note: Alumni rates are for graduates only—please purchase tickets for non-graduates separately. If you have purchased tickets for non-graduates with the Alumni rates you will be asked to upgrade your ticket in advance or at the door. All students who have completed a CannaReps full-day course qualify as Alumni (workshops not included).

I’m not a CannaReps Alumni, can I still participate?

Yes, simply buy your general admission ticket or Judge’s Pass and you will have access to all general admission areas. To register your buds in the Collector’s Cup competition, be one of the first 60 people to bring your buds and entry fee to the registration table from 1 pm to 4 pm.

Why this event is important?

This is a first-in-kind event. We are hosting the first-ever legally compliant, consumer-driven cannabis cup that focuses on celebrating product appreciation skills alongside large and small growers.

Will there be food and drink?

There will be some alcohol-free refreshments available (cash only). However, there are restaurants all around the venue on the UBC campus.

Event Rules and Policy

Fun. Learning. Community. That’s the Collector’s Cup!

brought to you by CannaReps