Event Rules and Regulations - The Collector's Cup, Presented by CannaReps — Canada's 1st Cannabis Sommelier Competition & Cannabis Cup
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Event Rules and Regulations

  1. This is strictly a 19+ event. Two pieces of valid government issued ID are required to gain entry.
  2. All flower presented for review must have been grown or obtained through legal means.
  3. Attendees must acknowledge that they are responsible for ensuring that the flower being submitted was obtained through legal means, any indication to the contrary will result in a request for grow site registration papers and/or proof of purchase from legal sources.
  4. Failure to produce requested documents may result in the disqualification of the sample(s), grower, collector or judge in question.
  5. No individual may present more than 28 grams for the judges to review, and those without a valid medical license may not enter the premises with more than the legal limit for adults to carry (30 grams).
  6. No cannabis being brought for the judging competition will be held by CannaReps or the Collector’s Cup at any time. Product submissions are held at all times by competitors and are willingly shared with judges for tasting purposes only.
  7. Judges receive no cannabis as part of their judges pass and are entitled to none of the product submissions.
  8. Cannabis sales of any type are prohibited.
  9. All competition results and judges decisions are final.
  10. All ticket sales are final.
  11. Please do not use student discount codes if you are not a student, as CannaReps will be verifying discounted purchases as coming from CannaReps graduates.
  12. The Collector’s Cup, CannaReps, UBC or any other associated body is not responsible for any harm that may come to attendees who decide to consume cannabis or engage any other activity that could result in harm or damages.
  13. It is the responsibility of the attendee to avoid foods with the potential for allergies or other negative interactions.
  14. There is no promotion or advertising for any Licensed Producer (LP), or Licensed Cannabis Retailer. Any mention of LP grown flower is done so by guest experts and participants for the purpose of education only.
  15. Awards for ‘best flower’ are not presented to any one particular LP, but rather are meant to award the product appreciation skills of the collector.
  16. Event exhibition is open exclusively to industry service providers who are not restricted by law to promote their brand/products.

Fun. Learning. Community. That’s the Collector’s Cup!

brought to you by CannaReps